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SUPERAntiSpyware Review – Remove ALL The Spyware!


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SuperAntiSpyware is a rising star with over 20 million satisfied users, specifically designed to complement your main antivirus program with both a powerful search and removal as well as a unique form of on access scanning (only for SuperAntiSpyware Pro). Our SuperAntiSpyware review covers the most important features for both the Free and Pro editions.

SuperAntiSpyware’s powerful search will discover and remove adware, spyware, rogue security software, trojan horses, rootkits, parasites, computer worms, and other potentially harmful applications. The fully customizable search functionality includes complete, quick, or custom scans for memory, registry, single files or folders, hard drives, and removable drives, as well as the option for trusting or excluding items and folders.

SuperAntiSpyware Pro – On Access Scanning And More

This section of our SuperAntiSpyware review covers additional features exclusive to SuperAntiSpyware Pro (paid version). SAS Pro has a unique form of on access scanning (a.k.a. real time protection) that is fully compatible with any antivirus real time protection. In independent tests conducted by SuperAntiSpyware Pro users, the on access scanning was able to block malicious executable code before their main antivirus program picked it up. In many cases the on access scanning picked up threats their main antivirus would not have even detected. Because of numerous testimonies such as these, as well as glowing endorsements by internet security professionals, the NetizenGuide highly recommends investing in SuperAntiSpyware Pro just for it's on access scanning. However, SAS Pro additionally comes with:

          – Scheduled scanning and/or automatic scanning and updates

          Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more (from malware damage)

          E-Mail Support

          System Diagnostic

If you are concerned about system resources, don’t be. The on access scanning from SAS Pro runs in the background on less than half a megabyte of RAM (about 400KB). Your primary AV program will probably take 10-100 times as much memory as this so even the oldest computer can handle  SAS Pro with almost no noticeable effect. Since SuperAntiSpyware Pro comes with a notable on access scanning service and host of additional security, maintenance and repair features (detailed above), it is one of our most highly recommended investments on the Netizen Guide.


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  1. I've been using the free version for normal scanning but that on access scanning sounds useful. Might be time to upgrade.