Apr 182013

Once again…

Congratulations, on completing Netizen Guide!

If we have done our job you should now have a strong array of programs working to provide the best possible protection from just about every type of threat and every angle of attack on the internet. Just as importantly, you should also have a basic understanding of what each of these programs is doing to protect you (so that you can effectively use the programs).

What you should not have done is simply skipped to the bottom of each page to download and install every single program. If you did skim, just remember this: No matter what security configuration you go with, it is absolutely necessary that you have both a Resident Antivirus program and a Firewall and you must only have one of each (a ‘security suite’ includes both antivirus and firewall).You will almost certainly want many of the additional programs to supplement these two (as per our suggestions) but Firewall and Antivirus are your main two security programs.


A Final Word of Caution: You are not invulnerable

As we have echoed throughout this guide, no single program or even set of programs can protect you from every possible threat, much less every possible threat that might be developed in the future. Just because you have some of the best protection on the net is not an excuse for reckless or careless habits. There are always new threats being developed with new methods and angles of attack. Therefore it is essential that you keep your security programs up to date and make sure you are scanning your computer on a regular basis.


Also, stay tuned as we will be expanding our security guide with additional info pages and also adding an entirely new PC Maintenance section in the near future.

Lastly, if you know anyone who could benefit from the resources of this guide (and we can't imagine anyone who would not!!), don't hesitate to send them this way.

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