Jun 202013

Free Security Software Covering Every Angle of Attack!

The purpose of the Netizen Guide is to provide you with a comprehensive four-tiered security net using some of the best free security software to date. If your computer has already been infected then we will provide you with the tools to remove all present infections and prevent such threats in the future. You may already have one of the best free antivirus software alternatives out there but your resident antivirus program is just the first tier in your arsenal. The programs we recommend will cover all angles of PC threats, ranging from viruses, rootkits, worms, dialers, trojans, malware, adware, and spyware.

All software and companies we endorse have free full versions of their software. In many cases, paid upgrades with additional features are available with many of the programs (and we definitely recommend these upgrades if you can afford them), but they remain entirely optional. Incidently, if you are concerned about free programs being lower quality (which is sometimes true), this is not the case here; the programs we endorse are some of the best security programs in their class period. The Netizen Guide is distinguished from most other security guide/review sites in that, we don't simply recommending you install a single "security suite" to cover everything. There are a couple security suites we do recommend but there are also several small but specialized programs with low or zero impact on your system resources that we always recommend to everyone in addition to any other programs in their security arsenal. Through research and hard earned experience, we have found that no single program can do as good a job at protecting you as several smaller and more specialized programs.

This view is actually the consensus among most security experts although you might not realize it from most of the sites out there trying to promote their own product of choice. It's really just common sense that no single company or product can give you the best defense in every possible area because there are just too many different types of threats and new ones being devised every day. The best free antivirus software or even the best antivirus software period just doesn't matter all that much by itself.

Best Free Antivirus Software and Beyond!

Even if you already have or think you have the best free antivirus software on your computer, this is just the first tier. Do you have any other paid or free security software? Are you certain all your security programs are working simultaneously without conflict? If you are not sure on any of these questions or would just like to add a few more streamlined but powerful programs to your security net then the Netizen Guide is at your service! Even if you are already a security guru you'll likely find one or two great programs you didn't know about.

With so much software on the internet, good free security software is at an all time high. It's true that paid versions of programs have very valuable features that are often worth the cost but you can easily create a powerful multi-layered protection with all free security utilities. If you are ready to let us help you secure your computer from threats using the best free security software, proceed to the:

Guide to the Best Internet Security of 2011!


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