Jul 032013

The Best Anti-Malware Scanner – MalwareBytes AntiMalware

This concise MalwareBytes Review covers only the free version of MalwareBytes anti-malware scanner because we currently do not find the features of the paid version justify the cost.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (MBAM) is a relatively new arrival on the anti-malware scene but one of the best in its class for anti-malware scanner and removal. It is specifically designed to find and remove malware that other anti-virus and spyware programs generally miss, including rogue security software, adware and spyware. The free version of MBAM is a lightweight but powerful malware scanning and removal utility while the paid version adds a form of real-time anti-malware protection. As of 2011, the NetizenGuide concludes that SUPERAntiSpyware Pro provides  more effective real-time malware protection but MBAM Free is a powerful yet light-weight addition to your anti-malware scanning and cleanup arsenal.


MalwareBytes Review – features of MBAM at a glance:

  • Very small lightweight anti-malware scanner (free version runs only during scans)
  • Lightning fast scanning.
  • Can full-scan all drives.
  • Malware database updates at least every two days.
  • Quarantine can hold threats indefinitely for later restoration or deletion (useful for unknown or potential false positives)
  • Ignore list for areas you do not wish to scan (useful for known false positives, large archives, etc)
  • "Smart" defaults but highly customizable scanning settings to enhance performance.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Fully compatible with other anti-malware utilities.
  • Right-click context menu integration to scan single files on demand.


Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Malwarebytes Anti Malware Scanner

Jun 272013

Get Rid of Spyware Now With Spybot S&D!

Spybot Search and Destroy is a powerful free program for your spyware protection arsenal or simply to get rid of spyware already on your machine. This free anti spyware program can detect and remove spyware and adware from your computer as well as passively immunize your computer from future malware threats.


Disable Spybot's Active Protection, "TeaTimer"

Spybot – Search and Destroy also comes with a small active protection feature called "TeaTimer" that monitors your system for known malicious processes. Teatimer also monitors and alerts the user of changes in critical registry keys on your system. However, because your main antivirus has similar active protection (and more), there is a  potential for compatibility conflicts. Therefore, we highly recommend you have "TeaTimer" disabled. One way to do this is from the vertical Spybot Menu: Tools>Resident> "TeaTimer" unchecked (not active). WIth TeaTimer disabled, Spybot Search and Destroy is just a passive spyware protection program that will immunize you from future threats and help get rid of spyware already on your computer.

This means Spybot should not be running all the time on your computer. To achieve it's passive spyware protection, you will only need to run it periodically for scans (to get rid of spyware already on your machine) and to update its immunization (spyware protection from future threats).



Download Spybot – Search & Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy


If you linked to this page from an external site, remember, Spybot Search and Destroy by itself is vastly insufficient as an exclusive security program. It will get rid of spyware on your computer but is only effective as part of a tiered security array of programs to protect you from all angles. Therefore, after downloading Spybot – Search & Destroy, remember to return to Passive Defense or navigate elsewhere on the Netizen Guide:

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     2.  Passive Defense

     3.  Scans and Cleanup

     4.  Firewalls

Dec 302011

First, a common question: Do you need antivirus protection for Mac OS X?

Apple claims "Mac OS X doesn’t get PC viruses" which is true but the trick is in the wording. It doesn't get PC viruses because PC viruses are targeted at Windows…  This says nothing about Mac viruses, and as many independent sources affirm, Mac OS X is susceptible to Mac viruses and malware. If this were not true, why would antivirus and internet security companies be coming out new Mac versions of their software?

The one big advantage going for Mac is that there are far far less threats targeted at Mac OS X than at PCs, simply because Mac is far less common and there are still many PC users who lack proper security measures that virus and malware creators can easily target. However, Mac threats are on the rise and if you or a friend own an unprotected Mac, we highly recommend investing in avast! MAC Edition – antivirus and antispyware offering complete desktop protection for your MAC.

Dec 062011

SUPERAntiSpyware Review – Remove ALL The Spyware!


SuperAntiSpyware ProSuperAntiSpyware Pro



SuperAntiSpyware is a rising star with over 20 million satisfied users, specifically designed to complement your main antivirus program with both a powerful search and removal as well as a unique form of on access scanning (only for SuperAntiSpyware Pro). Our SuperAntiSpyware review covers the most important features for both the Free and Pro editions.

SuperAntiSpyware’s powerful search will discover and remove adware, spyware, rogue security software, trojan horses, rootkits, parasites, computer worms, and other potentially harmful applications. The fully customizable search functionality includes complete, quick, or custom scans for memory, registry, single files or folders, hard drives, and removable drives, as well as the option for trusting or excluding items and folders.

SuperAntiSpyware Pro – On Access Scanning And More

This section of our SuperAntiSpyware review covers additional features exclusive to SuperAntiSpyware Pro (paid version). SAS Pro has a unique form of on access scanning (a.k.a. real time protection) that is fully compatible with any antivirus real time protection. In independent tests conducted by SuperAntiSpyware Pro users, the on access scanning was able to block malicious executable code before their main antivirus program picked it up. In many cases the on access scanning picked up threats their main antivirus would not have even detected. Because of numerous testimonies such as these, as well as glowing endorsements by internet security professionals, the NetizenGuide highly recommends investing in SuperAntiSpyware Pro just for it's on access scanning. However, SAS Pro additionally comes with:

          – Scheduled scanning and/or automatic scanning and updates

          Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more (from malware damage)

          E-Mail Support

          System Diagnostic

If you are concerned about system resources, don’t be. The on access scanning from SAS Pro runs in the background on less than half a megabyte of RAM (about 400KB). Your primary AV program will probably take 10-100 times as much memory as this so even the oldest computer can handle  SAS Pro with almost no noticeable effect. Since SuperAntiSpyware Pro comes with a notable on access scanning service and host of additional security, maintenance and repair features (detailed above), it is one of our most highly recommended investments on the Netizen Guide.


Buy SUPERAntiSpyware Pro


Download SUPERAntiSpyware Free  /  Free Trial of SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

Nov 282011


SpywareBlaster Review – What Is Spyware Blaster?


SpywareBlaster is a small program that complements any passive defense. It blocks spyware/tracking cookies for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, passively prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, browser hijackers, adware, dialers, and other potentially unwanted programs, and restricts potentially dangerous or unwanted sites in Internet Explorer. In short, Spyware Blaster makes your experience on the internet much safer. SpywareBlaster also includes a System Snapshot feature that takes a snapshot of your computer in a clean state that you can later revert to if you ever need to undo damage caused by spyware and browser hijackers.

Spyware Blaster is completely free, cannot conflict with any other security programs, and as a ‘run-and-forget’ program, has no negative impact on system performance (run once, update, enable all protection, then exit).


Download SpywareBlaster

Spyware Blaster SpywareBlaster



After downloading SpywareBlaster, return to Passive Defense or navigate elsewhere on the Netizen Guide:

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Nov 242011

Avast Antivirus Review – A Powerful But User Friendly Anti Virus

Welcome to the Avast antivirus review and download page. Among the many competitors, Avast ranks highly on threat detection rates and provides some of the best free antivirus protection (if you cannot afford the paid enhancements). It also has a reputation for being very light on system resources. This is particularly useful for gamers who need every ounce of their system’s power, as well as low end computers that are often taxed by 'mundane' processes (such as active security programs).

In addition, all versions of Avast (including the free antivirus) include the following noteworthy features, unique to Avast:

AutoSandbox – a ‘sandbox’ or virtualization feature that automatically runs suspicious programs in a virtualized state to prevent any possible damage. The purpose of this virtualization is to prevent any potentially harmful changes to your system that potentially dangerous programs could make. This feature is included in all versions of Avast (including the free antivirus protection).

WebRep – a Internet Explorer and Firefox (and soon Google Chrome) browser add-on that provides a web search reputation ranking to indicate whether or not a site is safe in your search engine results (included in all versions of Avast).

Avast SafeZone – an ‘isolated desktop’ that prevents other applications (even keyloggers) from seeing or accessing anything in this space. SafeZone is specifically designed for secure online shopping or banking and is only included in the paid versions of Avast.

In conclusion for our Avast antivirus review, this is a powerful yet lightweight antivirus with an excellent track record and a great reputation among its users. Avast is arguably the best free antivirus protection option because of its effectiveness, simplicity, speed, and low use of system resources. However, this does not diminish the paid versions in the least. On the contrary, it makes them even more appealing and all of Avast's product line retains the same inherent advantages and all hold their weight with any top security company.

Choose your preferred avast product from the following three selections:

(Or if you own an unprotected Mac with OS X or know a friend who does, check out: Avast AV Mac Edition)

avast Internet Security 6

        avast! Internet Security 6

This full security suite is the most powerful option in the lineup and includes Avast’s reputable antivirus, an unobtrusive silent firewall, command-line scanner, antispam email filter, and Avast SafeZone.

Limited-time Netizen Guide Promotion: 

Special Netizen Guide $10.00 discount for Avast! Internet Security 6, Click here!

avast Pro Antivirus 6

        avast! Pro Antivirus 6

Netizen Guide Recommended Product!

Avast Pro Antivirus 6 includes Avast’s reputable antivirus program, a command-line scanner, and Avast SafeZone. It differs from the security suite because it does not include a firewall or antispam email filter.

Limited-time Netizen Guide Promotion:

Special Netizen Guide $5.00 discount for Avast! Pro Antivirus 6, Click here!

avast free antivirus

        avast! Free Antivirus

The most basic version of Avast antivirus with no additional security features. If you can afford it, we recommend you go with Avast Pro Antivirus 6. However, if you are looking for a free antivirus, Avast is our #1 recommendation for free antivirus protection.

Nov 222011

Review of COMODO Internet Security Suite, Antivirus, and Firewall Product Line

Comodo has built a reputation for creating some of the best security programs out there and even it's full security suite is very light on system resources, making it a great choice for a wide range of users. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is the only security suite to consistently score #1 (or tie) in all independent tests and has held this position for the last 3 years. If you are looking for a "all-in-one" security suite, Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 comes with the highest recommendations by the NetizenGuide (though Avast's suite is very good too, particulary if you want a far less obtrusive silent firewall).

If you are only looking for a firewall, Comodo’s renowned firewall is one of the most powerful firewalls and also entirely free! 


Comodo Security Review – Products in Detail:


Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011

        Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011

Netizen Guide Recommended Program!

Probably THE most powerful internet security suite period, consistently ranking #1 (or tied) in all independent tests. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 security suite includes comodo’s reputable Firewall and Antivirus, as well as an array of additional network and browser security features including:
Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection, designed to protect you from unknown malware.
Auto Sandbox Technology™, which automatically runs unknown programs in a virtual space until their behavior is determined safe though cloud based analysis.
TrustConnect™ Wi-FI Encryption
Instant Live Support
$500 Virus-Free Guarantee and $15,000 Identity Protection Coverage

Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2011


        Comodo Antivirus Advanced 2011

Comodo’s Antivirus comes with all the standard antivirus and malware protection and also includes   Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection, Auto Sandbox Technology™, and Remote Security & System Support. However, the full security suite also includes comodo antivirus.



Comodo Free Antivirus


        Comodo Free Antivirus

The basic free Antivirus package from Comodo. Does not include the added security features of the paid versions.

Comodo Free Firewall


        Comodo Free Firewall

Netizen Guide Recommended Program!

The standalone version of Comodo’s powerful award winning firewall. Also included in the Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 security suite, Comodo firewall is considered by many to be the best firewall period. It is always highly recommended by the experts and consistently makes it into “top 3" firewall lists.

Note that Comodo Firewall is a proactive firewall. This means with it's recommended settings, it will always give program control confirmation popups whenever a new program is run for the first time. Most users consider this slight inconvenience well worth the added protection of a proactive firewall.


May 062011

Online Armor Firewall Review – What is Online Armor?

Emsisoft Online Armor (OA) is a new powerful proactive firewall that is nearly equal to Comodo Firewall in strength. Both firewalls rank near the top of independent tests for software firewalls (though Comodo is considered slightly more powerful).

In a recent independent proactive security challenge test performed by matousec.com, Online Armor Premium received a score of 99%, surpassing more well-known firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm and Kaspersky Internet Security, and surpassed only by Comodo Firewall, the only firewall and host intrusion prevention system to consistently score 100% in all independent tests (source).

Difference between Online Armor and Comodo Firewalls

Both firewalls are similar but the important difference between the two is that Online Armor has a greater emphasis on ease of use (less firewall popups). Emsisoft has put a lot of development into a simple and intuitive user interface for their firewall at the cost being a slightly less customizable or powerful firewall than Comodo. As their official site states, “you don't need to be a computer expert to use Online Armor.” Therefore, the Netizen Guide recommends OA to more inexperienced firewall users as well as users who are willing to give up some amount of customization and security for a slightly simpler and less obtrusive firewall. If you do choose OA, we recommend Online Armor Premium (the paid version) as the additional features are invaluable to a firewall.



Online Armor Premium Firewall









        Online Armor Premium

The paid version of Online Armor Firewall comes with the following list of features:

  • Online Banking Mode
  • Kernel Mode Security
  • Automatic Updates
  • Web Shield
  • File/Registry Shield
  • Phishing Filter
  • Execution Protection
  • Termination Protection
  • Autostart Protection
  • Firewall
  • Standard Mode
  • Advanced Mode
  • Keylogger Detection
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Tamper Protection
  • DNS Spoofing Protection
  • Support
  • Script/Worm protection
  • Program Guard

Online Armor Premium Firewall Purchase Options (Includes all software updates):

1 Year, 1 license1 year, 3 licenses

2 Years, 1 license2 Years 3 licenses


Online Armor Free Firewall



        Online Armor Free

By comparison, the free version of Online Armor excludes the following features:

  • Online Banking Mode
  • File/Registry Shield
  • Phishing Filter
  • Advanced Mode
  • Automatic Updates
  • Import/Export Settings
  • DNS Spoofing Protection
  • Support


After purchasing or downloading Online Armor, return to Firewalls or navigate elsewhere on the Netizen Guide:

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