Dec 302011

First, a common question: Do you need antivirus protection for Mac OS X?

Apple claims "Mac OS X doesn’t get PC viruses" which is true but the trick is in the wording. It doesn't get PC viruses because PC viruses are targeted at Windows…  This says nothing about Mac viruses, and as many independent sources affirm, Mac OS X is susceptible to Mac viruses and malware. If this were not true, why would antivirus and internet security companies be coming out new Mac versions of their software?

The one big advantage going for Mac is that there are far far less threats targeted at Mac OS X than at PCs, simply because Mac is far less common and there are still many PC users who lack proper security measures that virus and malware creators can easily target. However, Mac threats are on the rise and if you or a friend own an unprotected Mac, we highly recommend investing in avast! MAC Edition – antivirus and antispyware offering complete desktop protection for your MAC.