Guide to the Best Internet Security of 2017


Welcome to the Netizen Guide to Computer Security!

These days, computer security from online threats can seem like an arms race with each side continually developing new methods and new counters. However, not all security utilities are equal and none of them can protect you from everything. Our aim at Netizen Guide is to provide you, the netizen, with an array of the best internet security programs in order to cover every possible angle of defense. We will achieve this defense through four successive tiers:

     1.  Real Time Protection

     2.  Passive Defense

     3.  Scans and Cleanup

     4.  Firewalls

Many programs cover a combination of two or even three of these layers but there is no program powerful enough to justify it being your exclusive computer security program. The simple fact is that no single company can or could possibly develop a program that covers every angle of defense and does so better than all of its competitors. Your computer security should not rely on one single company or program. No matter what they claim, the bottom line is that no single computer security program in existence can protect you 100% against every possible threat so never rely on just a single program for your computer security, much less the best internet security, which is our aim at the Netizen Guide. 

How To Get The Best Internet Security

Though not everyone realizes it, it is just a basic reality computer security that you are safer with several different specialized security programs covering different areas of your defense. This does not mean you can’t have one powerful ‘all-in-one’ security suite that ‘guarantees’ to provide the best internet security all on it’s own. It may be powerful but if you truly want the best internet security possible, you need more than just this one program. At this point, some might be wondering: why not take it to the extreme and download and install every computer security program out there? Three reasons: finite system resources, incompatibility/interferance, and redundancy (identical processes). Running an arbitrarily large number of security programs is not only grossly excessive, it can actually be counter-productive because some programs may be incompatible and interfere with the other’s operation causing both to malfunction. For example you should always have precisely one (1) resident antivirus program and one (1) active software firewall. However, if you are aiming for the best internet security – and there is no reason for anyone to aim lower than this – you will still need other services in addition to just firewall and active antivirus.

If you are still with us, you are one of the fortunate who is interested in better computer security or specifically, the best internet security period! We guarantee you will not regret the 20 or 30 minutes it takes to secure your PC from online threats and achieve a lasting peace of mind. Let’s proceed to the first step:

Step 1: Real Time Protection


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